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Real estate expert: Regions like Phoenix should stop promoting themselves as low-cost to attract business

Phoenix Business Journal | February 12, 2018

ASU President Michael Crow is popular with the private sector, and Levy said that has Tempe poised to be one of the next big college-driven economic and tech hubs in the U.S.

Crazy day for stocks, Dow - expect more volatility and even some Bette Davis

Phoenix Business Journal | February 07, 2018

That gives investors and fund managers incentives to put money there (risk-free) instead of stocks, according to Geoffrey Smith, a finance professor and stock market expert at Arizona State University.

Truck-making Tesla rival bringing 2,000 jobs to Phoenix

USA Today | February 05, 2018

Other important factors in the selection of Buckeye included a large, qualified labor force in metro Phoenix, the presence of the engineering school at Arizona State University, favorable weather for year-round manufacturing and the planned construction of Interstate 11, a freeway that would run from Mexico to Canada.

Arizona university presidents discuss ways to generate revenue in face of decreased state funding

Phoenix Business Journal | January 30, 2018

Under the leadership of President Michael Crow, Arizona State University abandoned the public agency model to a public enterprise model.

ASU Havasu campus will grow with downtown

Havasu News | January 28, 2018

They would like to see a vibrant downtown with buildings reaching 60 feet into the sky, high-density family living adjacent and suburbs farther out, Schmeling said. At one end of the downtown corridor’s eastern-most point is the campus of Arizona State University and a crucial role it can play in economic development.

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