Programs and incentives

ASU SkySong Affiliate Program

SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, is home to a diverse business community that links technology, research, education and entrepreneurship to position ASU and Greater Phoenix as global leaders in the knowledge economy. There are more than 80 companies and several ASU units located at SkySong.

Located on the second and third floors of SkySong Building 1, the ASU SkySong Affiliate Program offers various space options, from drop in space for occasional use to premium offices for multiple executives, without long-term contracts. It is ideal for early-stage entrepreneurs as well as large businesses looking to set up a regional office and there is flexibility to grow your space needs as your company expands.

Global Growth Accelerator

The Global Growth Accelerator (GGA) helps international firms accelerate their U.S. growth plans by providing a low-risk, expert guided, soft landing platform to do business in the United States. This program was co-founded by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), the nation’s leading economic development origination, and Arizona State University, one of the fastest growing research institutions in the country and home to over 140,000 students in the Greater Phoenix region.

Participants in the program benefit from three months of complimentary office space at ASU SkySong, one-on-one coaching, business planning, connectivity to key resources, partnership searches, operational cost comparison and modeling, and regional labor market data.

Student projects

The educational experience at Arizona State University is an immersion in a living-learning academic enterprise — a mindset focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and a deep commitment to serving the public interest during a time of rapid and complex societal change. Nationally and internationally acclaimed, ASU consistently ranks among the very best in nearly every critical measurement of student success, outcomes of groundbreaking research and impact in the communities it serves.

A key factor in students’ success is partnering with industry to gain hands-on experience through solving real-world problems. These are win-win opportunities that give students the ability to use their technical, communication and project management skills as they transition from the academic world to the professional one. Collaborating on student projects provides the corporate sponsor with actionable solutions to challenges and provides first-hand access to a talent pipeline for their hiring needs.

Additional incentives

ASU prides itself on developing strategic, meaningful and impactful relationship with partners including business, industry, NGOs, non-profits, and local and state government entities. Working in collaborative fashion allows us to harness the strengths, talents and efforts of all who strive to maintain a pro-business environment in which Arizona businesses can thrive and prosper. Key relationships include affiliations with Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)

ACA is the state’s leading economic development organization that strives to grow, strengthen and advance Arizona’s economy. ACA partners with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and works in tandem with industry, academia and government to aid in these efforts.

GPEC helps grow quality businesses and advocates for the competitiveness of the Greater Phoenix Metro area. A regional economic development organization, GPEC works with member communities and private investors, and serves as a strategic partner to companies interested in relocating or expanding in Arizona.

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